Hood Doctors is a full service Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company.
The entire Kitchen Exhaust System must be cleaned at every service, this includes, the fan, flue/stack, and plenum.  All work areas are covered and protected by plastic sheeting.  Loose grease is manually scraped off, and then our proprietary chemical is applied to the surface areas to be cleaned.  Highly pressurized hot water is used to clean all components of the Kitchen Exhaust System.  Once the cleaning process is complete our technicians will clean up any areas soiled during the cleaning.  The hood canopy is polished, and floors cleaned up.

Fan Repair and Maintenance
With all the mechanical parts inside exhaust fans, working long hours every day, in harsh environments from heat and grease, things are bound to breakdown. 24/7 Emergency response for repairs is available as well as preventative maintenance programs.

Service Area

Hood Doctors has a service area covering the entire State of California.